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Student Safety and Behavior

Behavior Expectations

Student safeties are vital to our success as a school. It is our goal to offer every child at Rudolfo Anaya Elementary School a safe learning environment, free from bullying and intimidation.

Staff will reinforce and teach positive student behavior associated with our POWER standards:

No Walk Zone


The neighborhood west of 98th Street is a "No Walk Zone" for the safety of your students please have them ride the correct bus to school. For information on bus routes please contact student transportation services at (505) 880-3989.

Thank You

Student Safety And Discipline

In addition, students of Rudolfo Anaya Elementary School will present themselves with pride, dignity and manners at all times. The following rules are in place in an effort to keep all students safe and impeccable manners are expected at all times:


  • Everyone on campus will treat one another with respect and dignity at all times.
  • Everyone will behave in a manner that is physically and emotionally safe.
  • Everyone will use playground equipment the appropriate way.
  • Everyone will respect school property and will be expected to take pride in their school by cleaning up after themselves and others and respecting the material items provided for us.
  • Toys and personal items may not be brought to school.
  • Adults and children at Rudolfo Anaya Elementary School are expected to use appropriate manners and present themselves with pride and at all times.