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What does a fluent reader sound like?

A fluent reader reads automatically, accurately, smoothly, and with expression!

Why is fluency important?

We read for many reasons. We read for enjoyment, information, directions....we read for meaning! If a reader is not fluent he or she may struggle to pull meaning from text.

Examples of non-fluent reading behaviors:

  • Reads without change to volume, pitch, or tone
  • Does not pause or stop at appropriate punctuation cues
  • Struggles to sound out words when reading on-level text-sounds choppy
  • Reads too fast or too slow

How can I help my child build fluency?

By reading with your child each night you are helping build his or her fluency! In fact, reading the same passages repeatedly gives your child an opportunity to listen, practice, and improve fluency. It may seem repetitive.....but as they say, practice makes perfect!